How does TelioTalk work ?

The TelioTalk app connects your outgoing call through WiFi or mobile data. Then we do some magic and connect your call through the local networks in the country you are calling. This gives you the best possible rates for calls to both mobile and landline calls. The person you are calling does not need an internet connection, making almost everyone accessible – anywhere and anytime!

Sounds awesome, right? Trust us, it is!

TelioTalk is…

  • High quality calls
  • Great rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy to use
  • For WiFi or mobile data
  • To landline or mobile phones – anywhere
  • The person you are calling does not need internet
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No more calling cards

Remember the old calling cards you had to use if you wanted to make cheaper calls abroad? The ones where you had to guess how many minutes you had left on the card, and you were kicked out of the call with no warning when the card was out of minutes? Worry no more! With TelioTalk, you get full control over your international calls, charges and prices.

TelioTalk is…

  • Super easy
  • No need for old-style calling cards
  • The best rates
  • No hidden fees
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