Privacy and security

Personal information is information that can be linked to you as a person, e.g. name, address, telephone number and the like. Processing of personal data is in accordance with the Personal Data Act, any use of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage and disclosure or a combination of such uses.

TelioTalk takes privacy and security seriously and we are committed to transparency around the topic. We want to inform our users about how we process personal information. Under the heading "Privacy" on you will find links to various topics concerning privacy.

TelioTalk and Telio is a trademark of NextGenTel AS and follows the same general rules for processing personal data as NextGenTel. These rules can be found in the section below. NextGenTel AS has had its own Data protection officer since 2010. If you would like further information on how personal data processing is done, contact our Data protection officer by mail:

General rules for NextGenTel's processing of personal data

NextGenTel is responsible for processing personal data collected for our customers within the NextGenTel and Teliotalk brands and by using our websites and

Lawful grounds for personal data processing.

The Personal Data Act contains rules on registration, disclosure and other forms of processing of personal data that can be linked to an individual. Against this background, NextGenTel has prepared "General rules on NextGenTel's processing of personal data". These rules supplement the other agreement terms for NextGenTel's products and services. The rules are general, that is, they apply to all contractual terms, both current and future, that the customer has with NextGenTel.

NextGenTel's processing of personal data takes place within the framework of the general rules in the Personal Data Act, license obligations laid down by the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) and special legal rules on the processing of personal data.

NextGenTels customer register

Customer means in this context any legal person who has entered into an agreement with NextGenTel for the supply of products and services. The user of the services is the customer himself, or a person who, with the customer's permission, can use one or more services.

NextGenTel will register information about the customer and the contractual relationship that the company needs to fulfill the agreement. NextGenTel will record all changes in the contractual relationship, service use, and other correspondence between the parties including payment transactions in connection with the agreement.

NextGenTel will also record information about persons with whom NextGenTel has refused to enter into an agreement with the intention of notifying the person of the rejection. This personal data will be deleted after processing, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act.

Collecting of personal data

In order to provide our services, NextGenTel needs information about our customers. NextGenTel will mainly receive personal information directly from the customer. If NextGenTel wishes to obtain information from the customer that is not necessary for the maintenance of the contractual relationship, NextGenTel shall inform the customer that it is voluntary to disclose the information and what the information will be used for (ie the purpose of the processing).

Personal data may also be obtained from a third party. By third party is meant public and private institutions, including NextGenTel's partners. The customer will be notified when collecting information from third parties, unless the collection is statutory, notification is impossible or disproportionately difficult or it is purely that the customer already knows the information the notice must contain (section 61 & 62 of the Personal Data Act, 2016/679 aof 27. april 2016).

Purpose of processing

The purpose of registration and processing of customer information is to fulfill agreements with the customer regarding the delivery of products and services. NextGenTel processes personal information to operate customer management, information services, billing in connection with the customer's use of NextGenTel's products and services. In some cases, NextGenTel is also required by law to register customer information and report information to the authorities. NextGenTel may only process personal data for other purposes to the extent that the legislation provides access to it or the customer has consented to such processing.

Customer care

NextGenTel will be able to use customer information as a basis for information on existing and new services and products within the same product category, in accordance with legislation and licensing terms. Examples of new services and products may be increased speeds or new content services. Customer is able to opt out of this option.

Transparency, correction and deletion

By contacting NextGenTel, the customer may require access to registered personal data (section 18 of the Personal Data Act, cf. art. 16-18). The request is sent to NextGenTel AS by the Data Protection Officer or by contacting customer service.

Within the limitations laid down in Article 16 and 17 of the Personal Data Act, the customer may claim to have rectified defective personal data and deleted unnecessary information. Customer information is deleted as per current licensing requirements and other regulatory requirements. However, the information may be processed for other purposes as long as there is an independent legal basis or pursuant to article 23 of the Personal Data Act.

Contact information regarding the processing of personal data: