Recruit a friend

– get a free calling package

Help spread the word about TelioTalk and save money on calling abroad

We love our customers, and we hope you love TelioTalk. That is why we decided that the best way to grow is not spending a fortune on marketing. Instead we reward our loyal customers for sharing TelioTalk with friends and family by giving you what you want: The ability to call friends and family abroad without breaking the bank.

Therefore you and the person you recruit get one free country package for one month.*

Recruiting is simple:


1. Sign up for a TelioTalk country package. If you are already a customer you can skip this step.


2. Log in on MyAccount and invite your friend(s) via the recruit a friend button.


3. Your friend(s) will receive an email with a voucher code they will need when they sign up.


4. Enjoy a free country package for one month, for both you and your friend(s).*

*) Only the included minutes in the chosen package are free. If you call more than what’s included, or to another country, you will have to buy a new country package, a top-up package or pay per minute.

How many friends can I recruit?

You can recruit as many as you want, and each time you get one extra calling package for free. There are no limits, and if you are a successful recruiter, you can call for free for a long period.