Summary of Terms and Conditions for TelioTalk

This is an English translation of our terms and conditions and provided as a convenience to our customers. If any doubt or conflict should arise the Norwegian text is the only valid and binding version. You can read the full terms and conditions in Norwegian here:

1. Preliminary conditions

These terms govern the provision by NextGenTel AS / Telio 981 649 141 (“Telio”) of electronic services to private customers. TelioTalk is a product by NextGenTel AS / Telio.

Such electronic services are, in the agreement, given the collective designation Services, and may be:

  • IP telephony, including interconnection between IP communication and traditional telephony services
  • Any additional services Telio may offer at any time
  • Because IP telephony has had a somewhat unclear regulation in Norway, it is specifically specified here that the IP telephony covered by these terms is in accordance with Norwegian regulation classified as "Category 3 broadband telephony". This means that pure IP calls between Telio customers, where telephone and telephone numbers are used, are included in the IP telephony service equal to traditional telephony services, and that the rights and obligations of Telio with regard to security, confidentiality, etc. in accordance with The Electronic Communications Act also applies to such calls even though they are technically conducted and delivered in a way that falls outside the Act's substantive scope. Telio's business address is Sandslimarka 31, 5253 SANDSLI.

    2. Formation of contract

    The Services can be ordered by private individuals aged 18 years or above with a valid Norwegian national identity number or a temporary identification number (D-number). Services can be ordered through TelioTalk's website or through other Telio approved booking channels.

    This Contract shall come into force when the Customer subscribes to the Service, verbally, in writing or by electronic means, and once Telio has confirmed the said subscription either in writing or through electronic means.

    Telio reserves the right to carry out an analysis of the creditworthiness of the Customer before providing the Service. Telio may refuse to provide the Service if the Customer has a poor credit rating, if there are other reasons which may indicate that the Customer does not have the ability or willingness to pay for the Service, or if there are other reasonable grounds that indicate that the Customer will not fulfill the obligations arising from this Contract in some other manner.

    The Customer accepts that Telio can start to provide the Service immediately following its confirmation of the subscription and before the expiry of the statutory cancellation period.

    3. Ownership

    The Customer is legally and financially responsible for all subscriptions registered under this Agreement. The Customer is responsible for other Customers who through the Customer are granted access to the Service(s).

    4. Transfer

    The Contract between Telio and the Customer may not be transferred by the Customer without Telio's prior written consent.

    Notwithstanding the preceding statement, transfer of the Contract to a member of the same household can only be refused by Telio for bona fide reasons.

    Telio may freely assign or transfer all or a part of its rights and obligations arising from this Contract.

    5. Retention and use of customer information

    Telio collects, stores and processes some customer information, including the Customer's name, address, phone number, e-mail and traffic data. Information is collected directly from the Customer when ordering the Service and through Customer's use of the Service. The information will be used to safeguard the customer relationship, Service provision, billing and collection of payment. The information will be stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act and their related regulations.

    Telio is required by law to provide the Customer’s name, address and telephone number to directories or directory services, unless the Customer expressly requests that it may not be included in the said directories. The Customer can make such a request by contacting Telio.

    6. Confidentiality

    Telio is obligated to maintain confidentiality regarding the Customer's use of the Service and the content of the telecom traffic. Public authority may nevertheless be entitled to receive such information in accordance with Norwegian law.

    7. Prices

    Price of the Service is stated in Teliotalk's current price list at any time. Prices are available on Telio has the right to regulate prices for the Services with one month's notice. Notice on invoice, or separately message pr. e-mail, with information on the new price terms, applies as written notification of price change. Customer's use of the Service after the price change has entered into force, is considered as acceptance of the new price. Price changes in favor of the Customer will not be subject to separate notification, but will be made available on

    8. Suspension

    In the event of misuse of the Services or payment default, Telio has the right to block Customer's use of the relevant service, and possibly also all services if conditions so dictate.

    If the Service is closed as a result of Customer's breach, Telio may impose a reopening fee of service according to the current list.


    The Customer may terminate the Agreement by giving written notice to Telio. The agreement shall be considered terminated last day of the month following notice is received. Telio has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, or temporarily suspend the Service, if the Customer acts in violation of applicable public law rules for telecommunications services, or abuses the Service, including uses the Service to harass. The same applies if the Customer's equipment causes interference in Telio's technical installations.


    1. In general

    These terms of sale apply to all sales of goods (products) from Telio to consumers. These conditions, the general contract terms and your order constitutes the total contract basis for purchase.

    Consumer purchases are extensively regulated, among other things, in the Consumer Purchases Act, the Cancellation Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Personal Data Act, the Marketing Control Act, the Act relating to the Sale of Goods on Credit, the Act relating to conclusions of agreements, the Guardianship Act, the Mortgage Act, Financial Contracts Act and the Lugano Convention.

    We deliver only to customers in Norway, except Svalbard.

    2. Information provided on our website

    We strive to give our customers the correct information about our products as possible. We do, however, make reservations for typing / printing errors that may occur, which may mean that we cannot deliver according to information given in our webshop, marketing or otherwise.

    Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or part thereof, if the product is sold out.